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Why choose a Clinical Psychologist?

Dr. Laetitia Livesey, Psychologist in Kent, explains the difference between a psychologist and a counsellor.

There are a variety of professions that provide therapy or counselling, and it can be incredibly difficult to understand the difference and identify which profession may be right for you.

Unlike a counsellor or psychotherapist, a Clinical Psychologist always has an undergraduate and doctoral degree in psychology. Clinical Psychologists are "scientist-practitioners". We can therefore understand and interpret psychological theory and research in order to develop complex understandings of mental health difficulties and provide appropriate evidence-based therapy.  Clinical Psychologists have training in several different therapies which enable them to be flexible about the techniques used and adapt to the needs of their clients. Clinical Psychologists usually have a background working in mental health services in the NHS and consequently are compentent to work with more complex problems including clinical depression and PTSD as well as problems such as stress and relationship difficulties. Clinical Psychologists are different from Psychiatrists. Psychiatrists are medical doctors. They usually provide diagnosis, medication and case management. Psychologists do not usually use a medical model to understand difficulties and often take a broader "biopsychosocial" focus.

Please be aware that not all providers are regulated so do ensure that you check that any therapist is registered with a professional body or regulator such as the HCPC, BABCP or has a professional title such as Psychologist or Psychiatrist.